How to Buy a Hand Vacuum Cleaner? 10 Tips Revealed.

When shopping around for the best handheld vacuum cleaner, there are a few things that should cross the mind. Ensure that you do not purchase a cleaner that will frustrate you in the end.

To avoid this scenario, here are some of the crucial tips to help you make an informed decision. A good pick also awaits you after exhausting the reasons for choosing that particular model and type.

You are probably wondering about what is needed for a product to be called the best hand vacuum cleaner in existence, so we’re going to discuss which categories they should excel in and why they’re so beneficial.

how to buy a hand vacuum cleaner


10 Tips to Pick a Reliable Hand Vacuum Cleaner

There are countless styles and designs of handheld vacuums that are available.  Each design has unique functionality.  For some buyers, it might appear to be somewhat confusing, particularly for those just searching for a fast vacuum cleaner.

In this section, we will discuss how to buy a hand vacuum. It is essential that you keep certain things in mind in order to make a good decision and investment. Those include:

  • What will you be using it for?
  • Will you frequently be cleaning your vehicle? You will want to get a cordless one if so.
  • Do you have pets that shed lots of hair?  If so, you need to buy a model that specializes in cleaning up pet hair.
  • Are you going to be transporting it to various places to clean? Do you have any hand or wrist problems?  If so, then a more compact and lightweight model suits your needs the best.


Apart from that, the following are some of the vacuum aspects that you need to take into consideration in order to find the best handheld vacuum model to meet your specific purposes.

  • Vacuum Weight
  • The Price
  • The Design
  • Cordless or Corded?
  • Battery Life and Recharge Time
  • Dirt Cup Capacity
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Extra Accessories
  • Customer Reviews
  • Brand and Warranty
  1. Vacuum Weight

A hand vac needs to be light. Weight should be a major factor when deciding which vacuum would fit your needs perfectly. There are a lot of goo hand-held vacuums in the market. There is no doubt about that but the best hand vac cleaner would be the one that really fits your needs.

You will hold this cleaning device for the whole time you intend to use it. Many people complain that a five-pound or more vacuum feels heavy after a few minutes of use. So, a preferable handheld vacuum should be less than five pounds in weight.


  1. The Price (Cost)

The best hand vacuum should be affordable. Affordability means that the price quoted for a handheld vac should not be out of reach for the regular guy. Normal price ranges for hand vacs are usually below $100. Some filters are not washable. This means that a replacement will require you to part with about $10.

Again, since the battery unit of your hand vac may cost more than the entire cleaner, you may require a new hand cleaner after the battery runs out. These are maintenance costs and most people never consider them when buying new handheld vacuum cleaners. So the price matters.

Some of the best hand devices are not expensive. This includes everyone and invites everyone to try out products and in the process, companies make huge sales. Costlier devices are aimed at a certain group of people and this limits sales to that particular group. Consider maintenance costs.


  1. The Design

When deciding what hand vacuum to settle on, the sleek design is paramount. Sometimes vacuum cleaners come designed for storage. A handheld cleaner needs to have a storage attachment that allows for easy storage.

If the design does not allow you to store your device without creating storage room for it (and space might not be there because it is limited e.g. in an apartment setting), then find a better design.


  1. Cordless or Corded?

In the designing of a hand-held vacuum, the features of a vacuum count. For example, a cordless handheld vacuum needs to be recharged after use. Ask yourself whether you have a charging outlet that will be convenient for charging your vacuum device. Some hand machines have a battery that is removable and chargeable using a small charger.

Another option would be the corded type of handheld device which does not need any charging. It has the advantage of having a run-time that is unlimited. However, the cord is a nuisance when cleaning since it wraps around tables, chairs, and your arm.

Portability is also limited for a corded vacuum cleaner since you need to be near a power outlet. Outdoor cleaning may be restricted because of a power outlet.

On the other hand, a cordless and portable cleaner will clean the outdoors of your house without any issues but do note that the hand vacuum will only provide about 30 minutes of cleaning. So, you need to know that large areas require traditional cleaners like a canister or upright vacuums.


  1. Battery Life and Recharge Time

Consider the life of the battery and rechargeable time too. If possible, get a lithium-ion battery that has a higher voltage like 15V which is more powerful than an ordinary battery. You also need to know the maximum run time when the battery is fully charged.

How about the recharge time? It may be inconvenient if you use a hand-held vacuum daily and you find that you need 24 hours to recharge your battery. Find a battery that can be recharged in a few hours.

Also, it would be helpful to know if your battery is running low. Some models are designed with this feature in place. Again, look for a good handheld model that has good battery life. You would not like it if immediately you start cleaning, the battery runs out and you charged for the specified duration of time.


  1. Dirt Cup Capacity

Find a handheld vacuum model with a large capacity for a dirt cup. This is very important as a larger cup eliminates having to dump the dust regularly. Emptying a hand-held cleaner every time because of a poor holding capacity will tire you.

A good capacity tank should be able to tell you that emptying is needed just by looking at it; hence it should be clear in color. It should be able to accommodate large amounts of dirt before any emptying is required.


  1. Ease of Cleaning

Ensure that you purchase a hand vacuum device that will be easy for you to clean. Dirt cups that are washable make your vacuum handheld last long. The vacuum filter should also be washable to avoid clogging.

Hair and dust clog the filters and require replacing after a few months. To avoid unnecessary costs, a washable filter will save some cost of having to buy a new filter.


  1. Extra Accessories

Some of the hand vac cleaners come with extra attachments. These include a motorized brush, crevice tool, or dusting brush. Pet hair can be a nuisance. It may be hard to vacuum or clean pet hair. It may also be hard to dig up carpet fiber loaded with dirt. A motorized brush will do the trick.

An extendable hose is also an advantage. It will provide ease of cleaning those hard-to-reach areas. Other extras may also come with the best handheld vac cleaner. Crevice tools, upholstery brushes, and special attachments for removing stubborn pet hair may also be included. Quiet models also avoid startling pets and babies.


  1. Customer Reviews

According to reviews, some of the best hand cleaners are powerful with high voltages, have good filtration systems that prevent dust from entering the clean air, and can clean wet and dry surfaces easily.

The top-rated vacuum models have very much positive customer feedbacks; they satisfy all the aforementioned requirements; they last for several years and have great suction power. You should always go to an online site like Amazon to read the actual review from real customers that used a particular vacuum model.


  1. Brand and Warranty

Some of the well-known brands that produce very reliable hand vacuum cleaners include Black+Decker, Bissell, Shark, Dyson, Homasy, VacLife, and more. Their vacuum price is also very competitive and hence many customers will like it.

Typically hand vac doesn’t last for as long as a standard vacuum does.  Therefore it is very important to ensure that vacuum has a manufacturer’s warranty. Usually, the hand vac models will have a 1-year warranty for the machine and battery. If you can get some models that offer a 2-year warranty, then you can seriously look into the model.


Do You Need a Handheld Vacuum?

In today’s home with pets, children, dust and dirt, and very little time, the most overused and unappreciated device may be the vacuum cleaner. The inexpensive cordless vacuums are great for small messes that need to be cleaned on the spot, a lightweight, workhorse hand vacuum can be the most valuable tool that you reach for in the event of an impromptu mess.

Everyone remembers the whirring dust slurpers with weak motors and clogging paper filters; the hand-held vacuum has undergone a careful makeover. Of the best handheld vacuums, the Black & Decker CHV1410L Dustbuster Cordless Hand Vacuum is a lightweight tank in a package that contains every component necessary for any task in your home.

The tiny vacuum weighs just about 2.6 pounds but features a 16V power and 12-inch nozzle at the front extending your reach nearly two feet from the end of your hand and with testing shows a lot less fatigue than similar heavier models.

The exciting thing about this little powerhouse is the onboard attachments: the brushes and crevice tools are part of the tip and have dedicated slots so that they are always ready to clean between your cushions or keyboard.  The ingenious nature of these tools cannot be understated, they literally slide and click into place and retract with no opportunity to be misplaced and are always there for you to deploy when you need them.

Like most dustbusters, this one is cordless and does have a pull-out filter but the advent of spinning vortex suction technology pulls most of the debris into an easy to empty barrel-shaped bin. The dustbowl capacity is 20.6 ounces.

Battery life is a more than reasonable 4 hours on a full charge.  The wall mount charger and cord are not the most elegant of design but the vacuum more than makes up for any charger issues with power and convenience. Also, it carries a 2-year limited warranty.

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Selecting a handheld vacuum, as you can tell, relies on various factors. Depending on where you’d like to take it and what you would like to use it for makes all the difference in terms of what model is best for you.

After you have decided what kind you would like to get, be sure to read reviews and compare the price online on hand vacuum cleaners to find out what people are saying about them. This will help to ensure that you wind up with the handheld vacuum cleaner that best suits your needs.

If you are still wondering which model works best for you, then you can get the model that we recommend as it’s currently the best seller unit – Black & Decker CHV1410L.

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