Corded VS Cordless Vacuum – Which Cleaner is Right for You?

Advancement in technology has led to the development of various models of the best vacuum cleaners that have passed the test of time and proved to be the most convenient cleaning gadget in the world today.

At present, many people move from heavy upright vacuum cleaners to easily portable handheld or stick vacuum cleaners for their portability and easy use to remove any dirt, tight spot, pet hair, etc. The competition between corded and cordless vacuum cleaners is still on and this article will help you to choose the best vacuum for your needs.

There are standard and cordless models of vacuum that are accessible from all leading markets all over the world. They are very affordable and customers can take advantage of the many deals and discounts offered to save some money for other purposes.


Corded vs. Cordless Vacuum

Basically, all the vacuums in the market are available in corded form but just some lightweight models are cordless. Those cordless vacuums mostly stick vacuums and handheld cleaners.

One of the major benefits of lightweight cleaners is that it is very economical in terms of its energy consumption and does not require a lot of space to store it. Due to its small size, it’s quite convenient for use in small apartments that have limited space.

While purchasing the cordless model of vacuum cleaners it is advisable to first consider the availability of a plug-in socket as well as the access to quality battery replacements in a bid to enhance its performance and efficiency. It is also of paramount importance to carry out regular maintenance of the various parts of the equipment so as to enhance its durability.

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On the other hand, if you choose to purchase a corded model of the vacuum you have to consider the cords, that is, how far can you clean without moving to a new outlet? Some of the models allow the users to turn off the brush when moving on bare floors and this in turn helps to prevent damage and enhance the efficiency of the brush.

Other models have attachments and handles that can easily fold down and this, in turn, helps to make it easy to store.

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Some important factors that will determine your choice

1.      Suction Power

One of the most important considerations is the high suction power of the machine. Strong suction power gives you high cleaning ability to clean different types of dirt, dust, pet hair, and debris from your stairs, carpets, upholstery.


Corded vacuum cleaners provide great and consistent suction power because of the continuous power supply. This no-loss suction power provides you effective cleaning ability because it is not powered by a battery.  Suction power is not dependent on the higher amps of a vacuum. Amps are only a measurement of the electrical current used by the vacuum motor.


A cordless vacuum cleaner is often a loss of suction power over the time in which the cleaner is being used, especially if the battery does not hold its charge effectively. In this stage, Lithium-ion batteries with higher voltages may be reduced this effect since they store a charge better than other type’s batteries.


2.      Battery Charge & Run Times VS Cord Length

Vacuum with power cords are less convenient and less portability? But rechargeable models solely depend on the battery run times as well as battery charge time. Which one you should choose?


Corded vacuums have a power cord that is attached to the main electricity supply and need not worry about the charge and running times. But it depends on the cord length, some shorter power cord cleaners may trouble you to keep plug and unplug the power socket.


Battery charge and run times are two main determinations for choosing a cordless vacuum. Battery life affects the performance of the cleaner and limited power reduces the effectiveness of a vacuum performance when clean deep carpet cleaning. For long battery life, a lithium ion battery is recommended as they charge faster, run for a long time for deep cleaning.


3.      Portability and Convenience

Portability feature is another important factor in choosing a vacuum cleaner. When you need to vacuum any place, a portable vacuum provides you the flexibility to move any hard-to-reach areas.


A corded vacuum cleaner is not totally portable and convenient as its short power cord. A perfect portable corded vacuum should have a long power cord that is at least 20 feet. But the long power cord that needs to be wrap manually is another issue!


A cordless hand vacuum offers you great portability and convenience as it can easily move any place to clean. There is no limitation to go any hard-to-reach areas just be sure to have it charged enough. Cordless vacuum is very popular for its portability.


4.      Price

Price would be another factor for choosing perfect vacuum cleaner. Based on need, you choose a proper vacuum if the price is high. Basically, the corded vacuums are canister and upright models which are more expensive. The cordless vacuums also available in stick and hand varieties which is cheaper.


Corded hand vacuums are less expensive than cordless vacuums and provide better or the same performance than a more expensive cordless vacuum.


For the same type of vacuum, cordless cleaners are more expensive and they offer great convenience and portability. This is because the cordless models need more R & D that costs the manufacturers.


5.      Life Span

This is sometime hard to say as some brand like Miele claim that the average life span of their vacuums is 20-year. But generally you need to consider the motor warranty as well as the material use to build the cleaner as this will affect the life span of a cleaner.


The life span of a corded vacuum cleaner is longer than a cordless vacuum cleaner.


The life span of a cordless vacuum cleaner is shorter than a corded vacuum cleaner.


The Final Verdict

With the technology advancement, nowadays the cordless vacuums also quite powerful and reliable and it can be an ideal choice for your house cleaning needs. Which style works best for your and suits your needs is not something that I can answer.

Although cordless models seem to be more popular and prefer by many housewives there is no right or wrong answer here. If you want me to choose a model, I will pick the Dyson V7 Motorhead Cord-Free Vacuum.

Depending on your various cleaning needs, you can choose any cordless vacuum cleaner or corded vacuum cleaner. You can also check amazon and also read the best corded vacuum cleaner or the best cordless stick vacuum to choose the best vacuum for your needs.

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