Electrolux Ergorapido Ultra 2 in 1 Stick Vacuum EL1022A Review

Electrolux Ergorapido Ultra 2 in 1 Stick Vacuum EL1022AThe Electrolux cordless vacuum (EL1022A Ergorapido Ultra+ 2 In 1 stick and hand vacuum) is another great product that operates as a lightweight stick vacuum for quick cleaning of your bare floors and as a handheld vacuum for quick pickups debris around your home.

This cordless stick vacuum is lightweight, compact, and has an appealing design and color! The filter is easy to clean and has not only an easy to empty canister, but also a “twang” feature that helps you rid the filter of dust without soiling your hands.

It has built-in hand vacuum option is really nice for getting into corners, doing detail work along the walls, cleaning up the stairs, chairs, etc, and it has stronger suction, so you can use it to suck up bigger items the vacuum won’t pick up. You just push the two release buttons on the sides and the hand unit pops off the front.

I’m going to go into great detail about the Electrolux Ergorapido Ultra 2 in 1 Stick Vacuum EL1022A but I thought I’d just let you know that at the moment you can check out the latest price of this product at amazon.com.


A Summary of Product Features of The Electrolux Ergorapido Ultra 2 in 1 Stick Vacuum EL1022A

Okay, let’s look at the product features because I know how important they are to you. Here are the summary features of the vacuum cleaner:

¨       It is a 100% cordless 2-in-1 stick and hand vacuum cleaner.

¨       It working on 12 volts battery power gives you reasonable duration in runs times.

¨       It is lightweight and extremely portable.

¨       It is a bagless vacuum that come with easy to empty dust cup.

¨       It has a 180 degree Swivel Nozzle allows the vacuum to turn on a dime. This makes you cleaning done faster.

¨       It has a LED headlights illuminates your cleaning path making sure you don’t miss a thing.

¨       It has the 2-position switch lets you flip from normal speed for longer run time to high speed for better cleaning performance.

¨       It includes Crevice Tool and Dusting Brush store in the charging stand so the accessories are always there when you need them.

¨       It has a Motorized Brush-Roll for extra strength bare floor cleaning.

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The Pro, Cons And What’s Included With The Electrolux Ergorapido Ultra 2 in 1 Stick Vacuum EL1022A


¨       Its 2-in-1 stick and handheld vacuum cleaner.

¨       Cordless, easy to handle with and no worry about plugging and unplugging the power cord.

¨       Light weight, suction power is great and consistent, convenient and easy to use.

¨       No-touch dust cup, along with a snap-spring filter easily remove the dirt from the filter for easy cleanup.

¨       The 2-position switch lets you change from high to low speed power or vice-versa.

¨       It has 2-year vacuum warranty.


¨      Battery: Long charge time, only 20-min runtime (normal speed) and 12-min for high speed.

¨       The thickness of both the stick and hand vacuum make it impossible to vacuum under some chests and cabinets.

If you get the unit now, visit this page and you will receive the following items:

¨       Electrolux Ergorapido Ultra Bagless 2-in-1 Handheld/Stick Vacuum

¨       Crevice tool, dusting brush

¨       User’s manual


Where Can You Get The Electrolux Cordless Stick Vacuum EL1022A For The Best Price?

That’s a really important question. You want to be sure that you’re getting a really good deal. So I’ve done some research for you and found that Amazon.com is offering the best price now.

After you read our review about this cleaner you should know that this vacuum is good and you also can take advantage of free shipping option available on Amazon.com (but not for all products)! This vacuum is worth for you to check out now.

You should know Amazon is offering great price from time to time but that this kind of deal don’t last long so if you have enjoyed reading the many benefits and features of this Electrolux Ergorapido Ultra 2 in 1 Stick Vacuum EL1022A then this may be the ideal stick vacuum cleaner for you.

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