Hoover Flair S2220: Is This a Great Stick Vacuum?

Hoover Flair S2220The Hoover flair S2220 bagless upright stick vacuum with power nozzle is a powerful vacuum cleaner to clean your entire home, yet lightweight and easy to maneuver. This vacuum includes a power nozzle that is good for those hard-to-reach places.

As one of the Hoover best seller vacuum, you should take a serious look in it if you plan to get a new lightweight corded stick vacuum with good suction power. The suction will surprise you after you start using and seeing all the dust it picked up.

However, if you are looking for Hoover cordless and bagless stick vacuum, I highly recommend the Hoover Linx cordless stick vacuum (Model BH50010). This is another superior item from Hoover.

Now, let explore the features, pros and cons of this Hoover flair bagless upright stick vacuum with power nozzle S2220 in more details.

Update: Currently Hoover Flair S2220 bagless upright stick vacuum is unavailable. So, all the links was removed.


Here Are The Hoover Flair S2220 Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum Features & Specifications

I believe this model of powerful vacuum cleaner can really blow your eyes away.

¨       It is a bagless stick vacuum cleaner; bagless dirt cup can be easily removed to empty when needed.

¨       It has 20-foot power cord with quick release wrap hooks.

¨       It has two modes and Power nozzle with additional motor – great for use on multiple flooring surfaces i.e. carpet and floor.

¨       The low-profile, swivel head (nozzle) means I can get under everything, everywhere, even couches, which mean less furniture to move.

¨       It’s small enough to store anywhere, even has a hole in the top of the handle to hang on a hook or in a closet.

¨       It comes with a washable, transparent, larger capacity E-Z empty dirt cup – you can easily ‘see through’ the level of dusts in the cup.

¨       The multi-stage filtration system that can filter out anything that is solid.

¨       This red color stick vacuum come with 7.25 amps motor but it act like 12 amps power.

¨       Product Dimensions: 28.3 x 9.6 x 7.7 inches; weight 10.1 pounds.

¨       Manufacturer 1-year limited warranty.

¨       Free user guide is available for download here.

¨       If you like to get a special price for this Hoover Flair S2220 vacuum now, click here.


Now Let’s Look At The Pros and Cons of Hoover Flair Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum With Power Nozzle S2220

This versatile stick vacuum is another outstanding stick vacuum Hoover EVER made.

Think of the time you’ll save by getting your entire house or office clean quickly with this powerful stick vacuum cleaner. With no bags to buy, the price makes this an excellent choice.

This vacuum has very good suction and the switch at fingers reach to switch between hardwood and carpet give you easily control the vacuum. You can expect the vacuum can picks up almost anything easily.


¨       The vacuum has solid build quality and the filter system works well. It will hold all of the dust; somehow compresses it and filter out anything that is solid.

¨       The unit has amazing suction power to pulls any dust or dirt in front of it and seems to work well on both hardwood floors and rugs/carpets.

¨       The rotating top hook where the power cord is stored allows you to unwind the cord and get the unit into use very quickly.

¨       Light weight, suction power is great and consistent and easy to use.

¨       The large rear wheels make the movement become easy.

¨       Many customers give a high praise to this vacuum, you are encourage to read the customer reviews at Amazon.com


¨       The handle needs some kind of rubber coating to prevent it from falling when leaned against a wall or counter.

¨       You may encounter overheat and cut out temporarily if using the power nozzle in dwellings with wall to wall carpet.


Are You Ready to Get This Hoover Vacuum at the Best Price Now?

No doubt that this is another quality product from Hoover and it’s very cheap. Although this is not the best vacuum from Hoover, but you can expect this vacuum is able to clean your house effectively. You can get this machine to experience the fun side of cleaning using this cleaner.

Well, I just do some research for you and found that among the major online stores that sell this vacuum, Amazon is offering a competitive price with free shipping.

Grab the Hoover Flair Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum With Power Nozzle S2220 on Amazon.com Now!

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