How to Keep Carpeted Stairs Clean Using a Vacuum?

Carpeted stairs are one of the biggest problems for most of us who own animals. Pet hair just seems to stick to the carpeted stairs, and trying to use a heavy vacuum cleaner to clean these stairs is next to impossible, or at least extremely frustrating.

So there are few things to consider including choosing the best vacuum for stairs. Follow the technique and advice to give the carpet on a high traffic staircase some special attention to keeping it looking always new and clean.


Steps to Clean Carpeted Stairs

Well, just follow the steps below closely, and hopefully, you will get the carpeted stairs clean as smooth as possible. Just four steps to follow and you are good to go.

Step 1: Have the Right Vacuum Cleaner

It’s needed to regularly vacuum the carpet on your stairs, just like the carpet in the rest of your home. As a high traffic area, generally, stairs have more dust, debris, pet hair and you must remove this dirt properly.

First, you need to select a proper vacuum machine to clean your carpet. Lightweight, a portable vacuum cleaner like a stick or handheld vacs is most suitable for this particular need. It should include some additional attachments. When cleaning the stairs, always remember to start from the top step to the down step.

A lightweight vacuum cleaner allows moving easily any hard reach to reach area like corners, stairs. You can select any stick vacuum from our list of best corded stick vacs or the best cordless stick vacuum for your cleaning need.

Note: This step is crucial as you need to make sure that the vacuum is capable of removing pet hairs, dust, or pollens from the carpets.


Step 2: Set the Vacuum Cleaner Upstairs

You must check the stairs and remove any objects left there so you have an unbound path. Also, needs to clean scraps of paper or larger dirt items that could clog up the vacuum machine. After that, dust the handrail and stair spindle before you start to vacuum.


Step 3: Pay Attention to Clean Corners

Generally, on carpet-based stairs the biggest build-up of dirt and debris in the narrow corners and edges. So you select the right nozzle attachment on your vacuum machine and it’s very important for effective cleaning. Remember, the smaller nozzle or one with a pointed profile is normally most efficient to clean corners.

Pay attention to running the nozzle along the carpet edge and completely cleaning in each and every corner. Now do double brushes by working your way up the stairs, then clear your way back down, again going over the edges and corners.


Step 4: Vacuum Both Horizontally and Vertically

Now you work your way up each step, vacuuming the horizontal and then vertical surface. Change the smaller corner appropriate nozzle and set up the wider nozzle or beater brush to your vacuum cleaner.

Run this nozzle over each step very carefully and slowly, ensure to cover the overall surface. Turn the attachment upside down when complete vacuuming the flat surface and drive it over the vertical surface of the step from up to down motion.

By following these steps you clean your carpet-based stairs. As a high-traffic area, it needs to clean regularly. Now you can follow this guide to keep clean your carpet and how to prevent messes.


More Tips When Cleaning Carpeted Stairs

Vacuum often

In order to protect your carpet, you need to clean areas and high traffic areas like stairs twice a week and the rest of the carpet areas at least weekly. Use vacuum routine wise and make your carpet looks always new.

Start with a clean bag or filter

A dirty bag, dust cup, or filter can cut a vacuum machines’ suction power in half. The prime reason bagless vacuums stop working is that filters aren’t changed often enough. You need to replace or wash the filters on bagless vacuums every three months. Try to replace vacuum bags when they’re three-quarters full.

Use walk-off mats

You can use walk-off mats inside the home and stairs to keep dirt off the carpeting. Use coarse-textured mats outside your doors that remove soil and water-absorbent mats inside and stairs prevent wet shoes on the carpeting.

Remove footwear before walking on your carpet

It’s a best practice to remove footwear before entering your carpet area. Consider taking off your shoes and placing them in a designated place in your home. This is typical to prevent dirt, spot and your carpet looks great.



You must keep in mind that always use the most suitable vacuum to clean your carpeted stairs. If you maintain the above guidelines then your carpet looks always brand new and you feel an amazing environment in your home.

If you don’t have lightweight cleaners at home, you still can use other traditional ones like canisters or upright vacuums to clean the stairs. But this can be achieved with the right stair tools to help you clean the stairs faster.

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