Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Stick Vacuum: In-depth Review!

Shark has launched various types of vacuum cleaners to date. This brand keeps working on technology and innovating things to meet the customer’s needs. Their efforts on advanced technology have reached new heights with the “Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Stick Vacuum”.

This Shark rocket series vacuum cleaner is designed with convenient features that bring this vacuum to the upfront while remaining one step ahead of the competition. Designed for all mess, the Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro is 2 units in 1, for cleaning flooring, furniture, and other hard to reach areas.

Shark vacuums across the board do well with hard floors. The whole brand does above average on carpets but low on overall air flow. But now Shark has gone out of the bounds and managed to present us the masterpiece of cleaning with the Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro vacuum.

This article will examine all the aspects of this cleaner through our unbias review.


Great Features of the Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro

There is dirt in all the corners of your home that some traditional vacuums can’t get. Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro has the versatility to deep clean virtually anywhere. And it’s not just an incredible cleaner – it also transitions quickly into a powerful portable vacuum that lets you target its amazing suction wherever you need it.

From flooring to furniture, and everywhere in between, this 2-in-1 vacuum gets the job done. As an upright-style vacuum, it powerfully yet gently cleans hard floors, area rugs, and smaller carpeted areas. When you need to reach into corners, on stairs, or under the furniture, this handheld vacuum detaches for on-the-go cleaning.

Get a powerful cleaning performance in a compact design with the Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Ultra-Lightweight Upright Stick Vacuum. With a large dustbin and only weighing 9 pounds, this unit is suitable for various types of floors including hard floors and carpets.

Featuring 2 cleaning speeds, it’s ideal for tackling mess on bare floors, delicate rugs, and low-pile carpets alike. Equipped with several onboard tools and a 30-feet electrical cord, it also has a simple foot release to switch to hard floor from carpet without ever bending over. It also comes with a removable dust cup for simple and quick emptying and has lots of modern and upgradable features with different tools.

You will never worry about being unable to reach dirty areas or having to bear the stuck debris, as this lightweight cleaner cleans everything from the floor to ceiling and everything in between.

To summarize, here are the vacuum features:

  • POWER: The Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro vacuum cleaner uses the power of about 500 watts.
  • FILTER: They made the filtration different when compared to any other vacuum cleaners. It comes with a reusable and washable filter, which is recommended to wash once in a month. While all other vacuum cleaners have a one-time use filter which makes their maintenance costlier.
  • DUST CUPS: It comes with two Dust cups as it has no bag. So, each time you clean you need to empty the cups.
  • HOSE LENGTH: It provides the longest hose length when compared to any other vacuum cleaners. The hose length of the shark rocket deluxe pro vacuum cleaner is about 3.5ft.
  • WEIGHT: When completely assembled, this ultra-lightweight cleaner weighs under 9 lbs. When converted into the handheld vacuum it weighs about 4 lbs.
  • LENGTH OF THE CORD: It has the cord length of about 30 ft. There is a store option of the cord in the vacuum, so you can wound the power supply cord without any hassle. The long cord gives you cleaning ability in a wide area.
  • CLEANING PATH: The product seems to have a wide range of tools in the toolkit whose cleaning paths varies depending on their sizes, but the default cleaning path of this equipment covers the width of 10 inches.
  • LED LIGHTS: The powerful LED headlights in the floor nozzle and the hand vacuum, helps in spotting the debris under sofas, beds, couches or any other furniture in the dark and gives the perfect cleaning. The front LED lights help us to look at what it is sucking in.


The Pros and Cons of Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro


  • Adjustable Power Speeds: This vacuum cleaner comes with two power speeds. The power-speed setting provides you to clean both bare floor and high pile carpets that helps in getting the perfect clean on all floor types.
  • Motorized Brush: This seems to be the best part of the shark rocket deluxe pro vacuum cleaner because this motorized brush is specially designed to remove the rigid stains of oil or grease on the carpet.
  • Hard Floor Hero: This extraordinary equipment provides you a hard floor attachment which can dust away from the hard floor dirt and debris. Hard Floor Hero picks up surface litter and stuck-on debris, providing superior bare floor cleaning.
  • Advanced Swivel Steering: The swivel steering of the vacuum cleaner makes it easy to maneuver around the obstacles. General vacuum cleaners are unable to rotate perfectly. As a result, dust may still play on the floor or carpets. Having this in mind, this vacuum cleaner is constructed with an advance swivel steering technology which allows reaching the unreachable areas to suck the esoteric dust.
  • Big Dust Cups: The capacity of the dust-cup is twice the original shark rocket vacuum cleaners or any other vacuum cleaner of shark rocket. This capacity allows you to clean for longer. This vacuum cleaner holds twice as much as the ordinary vacuum cleaner approximately 0.22 gallons. This capacity allows you to vacuum your entire house without having to empty the bin. It is a good capacity for the ultralight vacuum cleaner.
  • Multiple Tools: The toolkit contains different tools for every job, like pet hair tool to remove pet’s hair from sofas, couches, and beds, crevice tool which is about 12 inches helps reach tight spaces of the rooms, dusting brush to eliminate dust particles from baseboards, shelves, and other furniture. The motorized brush is another boon for this product.
  • Bottom Emptying: The position of your equipment doesn’t matter while emptying your dust cups. Simply release the bin, hold over a trash can, and let its bottom emptying abilities take over.
  • Quick Release Foot Pedal: The quick-release foot pedal allows you to quickly change transition from cleaning floors to reaching above and in tight spaces. The foot pedal is used to change the product from upright to handheld and vice versa.
  • Storage: The unit comes with a wall mount, so it’s really easy to store and hangs from a slot on the bottom of the dust cup. As a bonus, the accessory bag fits on the wall mount as well, so you won’t be tripping over attachments.



  • Heavy Top: The top of the equipment is a bit heavy. It doesn’t stand on its own and needs support to lean on.
  • Motorized Brush: The motorized brush is the powerful vibrator in the machine, which keeps rotating and doesn’t switch off automatically. It only turns off when the machine is off.
  • Boisterous: As it is a powerful and energetic machine, it releases a few noisy vibes which come under bearable decibels range that does not cause any harm.
  • Expensive: This vacuum cleaner stands expensive in the market as it comes with many extra tools for cleaning in the box. You can even rent this product if you are not keen on cleaning frequently in a year otherwise owning one is better.
  • Time-consuming: Although cleaning is a time-consuming process, it is done in a short span when compared to the process of emptying the dustbin. The large dustbin in the shark rocket deluxe pro takes a lot of time to get emptied. And emptying it is mandatory before any huge cleaning.
  • Spiked Roll Brush: The spiked roll brush may be useful for the cleaning of other materials but when it comes to a shaggy rug, the roll brush gets locked.

Conclusion: This is an Outstanding Lightweight Cleaner

Examining all the sides of the discussion on the Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro upright stick vacuum and learning about its features, pros, and cons, the equipment seems to be a helpful material for the advanced generation.

Its features are extremely impressive and satisfy the user demands. The ultra-lightweight swivel technology is the thing users really like about, it also has the swivel steering, so it’s really easy to zip around the floors with it.

Combined with the low profile (short height of the base), it’s really easy to get around the house and under the furniture and other chunky objects that normally would be hard to fit a full-sized vacuum around or under. The vacuum’s attachments and accessories are easy on and easy off, snapping on instead of requiring screwing on and off.  The transitional feature makes it user-friendly.

So, no matter for which purpose you want to use this vacuum, you can be worry-free and have this light vacuum at your house for easy cleaning. This product is highly admired for its great suction power and reusable filter. This cleaner gives you the ultimate cleaning experience and keeps your house appearing clean and tidy.

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