Stick Vacuum Buying Guide

The world of today is used to being given instant results. It started with instant coffee which means all that a person needs to do is to pour in the mixture and voila, instant hot coffee. Consumers today look after the same features when they shop for cordless stick vacuums.

Those who have invented useful cleaning implements like these cordless stick vacuums share the same sentiment as the other household or business owner who is looking for cleaning tools that makes cleaning easy and fast. Not all home owners do vacuum their home every day. This is quite impractical since most of the people of today are leading hectic lives.

This is one of the things that an owner must consider when planning to purchase the best stick vacuum 2015. Gauging from feedback coming from real consumers review means these vacuums have been tested and tried. There is no such thing as the perfect vacuum cleaner.

One can find from the list of the best cordless stick vacuum one of the specimens of almost perfect cleaning tool. Some vacuum cleaners look identical when place side by side with other models sold on Amazon but not all of these deliver the same results.


Factors to Consider When Looking For the Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner

  1.  Choose Between Upright and Canister Types

Most upright vacuum has the motor and suction head located in front area while canisters are lightweight and can easily be carried up and down the stairs. Upright vacuums can be easily slide up and moved around. It is so easy to reach even higher areas or low spaces since an upright vacuum comes with a flexible hose. Canisters are good for houses that have small storage spaces. Most users’ complaint that canister vacuum leave behind some minor damages to furniture legs. This happens when the hose is accidentally pulled during cleaning time. Using canister vacuums means the user must change the heads when cleaning different type of surfaces. The best way to settle this issue is to try out the models before finally making a decision to purchase either one of this two.


  1.  Great Suction Power

Even users of the best rated vacuum cleaners 2013 will find that suction power is one of the features that they first look for. Suction power is measured in terms of watts and sometimes in airwatts. Simply put, the larger the vacuum motor the better is its suction power. An owner who is after great suction power must learn to compromise since she has to deal with the extra noise produce by the suction power. There are vacuums that are protected with a special cover to mute the noise but this means an additional weight on the supposedly compact vacuum cleaner.


  1.  Good Functionality

For people who love to have the best bang for their hard earn bucks they need to research on the best lightweight stick vacuum that they can use even on hardwood flooring. They eliminate the dust that usually stick to these hard flooring. Most of this type of vacuum cleaners does not have beater brushes. This is because they can cause scratch marks on the floor. Another helpful function that they should look for is the best stick vacuum for pet hair. This is specifically true for pet owners whether they own a dog or bird. Birds shed their feathers while they happily flap in their cages while the dog leaves behind its hairs even when it’s just sitting down on the couch or carpet.

The market today has its fair share of wet/dry vacuums. In the past this are huge models but now there are smaller models sold in the market. These helpful features will not disinfect the floors though. A good choice is to shop for a wet cleaner that leaves a thin and fast drying trail of water behind. Keep in mind that this is very important since generally water left behind on a hardwood floor will damage the wood.


  1.  Warranties

Even the best value vacuum cleaner comes with only 1 year warranties still there are companies that do offer additional coverage of warranties from 3 to 5 years more. It is better to read the warranty policies of companies which can be found in their product website. Some warranties give full coverage which means if the product breaks down the user can ask for a replacement when it is beyond repair.


Ways to Use These Stick Vacuums

  • It can replace brooms since it has a sweeping motion. It is now easy to clear after crumbs and dirt after the family finishes their meal
  • Even seniors will find out that stick vacuums are lightweight and can easily be handled without the need to call for additional help
  • Instant clean up especially during those times when there are surprise visitors and the house needs a quick clean up
  • Easy to clean up after a day of sewing or craft making
  • Keep this stick vacuum whenever there is a need to clean up lint from clothes in laundry areas especially before ironing up the clothes
  • So easy to clean up when it is time to camp out with the family. Since this vacuum is packed with its battery life. Just do not forget to charge it before leaving the house

In ending, stick vacuum ratings will always serve as good guides in pointing consumers toward the pros and cons of purchasing a particular stick vacuum. There is no denying that each home needs these cleaning tools to keep the home clean. Most families purchase two pieces of stick vacuum: one for cleaning large areas and one for smaller and hard to reach areas.

New inventions have come up with installing these useful features in only just one stick vacuum. This means the home owners got to save on the cost of purchasing only one vacuum. New developments produce newer models that forego the need for replacement dirt bags. Again this means additional savings for the owner.

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